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Check out the first 14 minutes of Battle Chasers: Nightwar running on Nintendo Switch.

The battle royale-style mode is one of the big new additions in this year's Call of Duty game. After much teasing and speculation, Activision finally pulled back the curtain on this year's highly anticipated Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4. Like previous entries in the series, Black Ops 4 includes a variety of different game modes, such as the ever-popular Zombies, but this year's installment will also feature its own take on the battle royale genre. Dubbed Blackout, the new battle royale-style mode pits players against each other in...

The Land Of Plenty If you're familiar with the premise of Far Cry--the idea of a one-person army taking on overwhelming hostile forces in large, unpredictable surroundings--then you know exactly what Far Cry 5 feels like. You'll engage in different styles of offensive conflict; attempt to tame the wild, natural environment to your advantage; and slowly build a guerilla resistance in the background. But for its fifth mainline entry, the series formula has undergone some very positive refinements, which make its core hook of exploring and engaging with its volatile...

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Alessandro finished Hellblade's story in about 8 hours on hard mode. Playing on the PC, he was able to clear through the initial playthrough of the game without experiencing permadeath. The GameSpot staff also played through the game on PS4 and PS4 Pro. GameSpot was provided complimentary codes by developer and publisher Ninja Theory for the purpose of this review. Also, DmC: Devil May Cry was a great game.

These titans may not be naked, but boy do they have FEET!

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