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At Last your search for an Incredibly Effective Budget Keyboard is over Buy Now

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Now You Can Improve you entire Game...
no hard buttons. no dull keys.

Do You Want this Gaming Secret?
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PLEASE NOTE: This gaming tip that you're about to discover is only for Gamers who long for performance, responsive keys, and better scores and don't want to spend money on expensive accessories.

This is the secret is used by every pro in the game in order to get good scores and performance.

With just this one secret, the pros you see play longer and consistently because the everything response just the way they expect, and have no compatibility issues whatsoever from the time they start playing.

You should be prepared for the following:

  • Keyboard ImageCustomizable LED Backlights to color of your choice.
  • Keyboard ImageFine and smooth strike on keys, pleasurable when you play.
  • Keyboard ImageExcellent non slip design to keep your keyboard in one position.
  • Keyboard ImageGold plated USB interface for strong anti oxidation corrosion resistance.

The best part: You won’t have to pay much for it. Just keep reading! This is the gaming solution that you've been waiting for so pay attention because I'm about to reveal the secret to pro gaming!

Motospeed CK104 Inflictor KeyboardBuy Now

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This “Miracle Tip” is Going to improve your Game. And It’s Affordable! (What?! That’s Why It’s Such a Well-Kept Secret!)

When you hear about results like your friends brag to you about, people are usually turning to high-end accessories: Expensive keyboards, mice, and accessories that only the super-rich can possibly afford (and that may not be compatible with your gaming set). What’s funny is that all along, some of the best-known pro gamers in the game were actually using the keyboard!

Why? Because when you can afford anything… You still use whatever is the very best!

And what makes the CK104 so amazing?

Many gamers believe it’s the perfomance itself. Others like the simple aluminuim design. Whatever the reason, reviewers point out that it’s very affordable and satisfying (even for graphics).

All we know is that the blue switch keys are soft and responsive with minimal noise. The Cherry Blue Keys are the primary parts in...

Motospeed CK104 Inflictor Keyboard

You'll be 100% satisfied or you'll get your money back

Why are we so confident? This Keyboard has captured the proven power of mechanical switches and combined it well build body to create a solid and affordable keyboard that makes anyone a pro.

Which means:

Unlike other any keyboard, it’s completely user multi functional! (You could play games with it, type with it and use it for graphics and creatives—that’s how solid it is! But it’d be of better use for your gaming.)

So just forget about the expensive keyboards, or any other desperate solutions for your Gaming needs. You don’t need them!

More on how the Inflictor Keyboard works in just a minute. But first, I need you to think about this…

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Keyboard Image

Motospeed CK104 Inflictor Keyboard

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Ever stopped and think about how your average, everyday PC keyboard doesn't have the same satisfying "click" that it used to? Well, some manufacturers still make mechanical switch keyboards that feel like the classic IBM Model M--and if you spend your work (or play) time typing away on a PC keyboard, it might be worth your while to switch out your membrane keyboard for a mechanical one.

The Reason They Don't Work Is Simple: If you're using your keyboard in a room where someone else can hear you type, they may find it distracting, they keep looking to your direction to tell you it's not right.

Then there is the problem of the weight of many these mechanical keyboards, not convinient to carry..

And the size? No surprise: They’re not portable.

Many manufactures agree that mechanical keys offer a robust and tactile experience. However, the responsibility to ensure you get the best from any keyboard is usually influenced by th label on the keyboard.”

That means, you will have to test many keyboards before you can zero on one that suits your needs.

Fortunately, with the Motospeed CK104, you don’t have to worry what about if it will meet up. And you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost you. This keyboard is very affordable, portable, multifunctional and are actually good for you!

Motospeed CK104 Inflictor Keyboard Buy Now


Motospeed CK104 Inflictor Keyboard is made from a combination of simple functions. Using this features will allow you to:

  • Multi-color backlight makes it a very amazing shining mechanical keyboard…
  • All new design mechanical blue switches, provide a tactile and clicky feedback.
  • Humanized design: Add a series of shortcut function keys cooperated with FN key.
  • Great for typists, programmers and Gamers…
  • Two-color injection suspension backlight keycaps…
  • Aluminum alloy drawing panel...
  • All keys non-conflict design...
  • Blue/Red mechanical switches...
  • Excellent non-slip design

When you use the Motospeed Keyboard, you feel results in fine and smooth percussion sense in your keys that are simple to operate. The keys have a suspended structure design making them easy to clean.

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Your Friends Will Secretly Search Through Your Gaming Set To Find Your Secret!

People aren’t just going to notice the time you spent away, they’ll want to why your game is improving!

When they realize that you didn’t just return with magical scores, they’ll search through your Gaming Set looking for your secret!

You can either share it with them, or keep this gaming secret all to yourself!

AND NO - Just Because It Works Doesn't Mean It's Expensive.

“You get what you pay for” can sometimes be a misguided statement by many manufacturers.

With this keyboard, you get the advantage of an affordable accessory actually works! You only have to pay for the gaming expertise that makes it work.

Like many gamers who have this keyboard, you can use it everyday with a guarantee of good experience! Isn’t it time to try something meant for you?

Shipping Guarantees

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All your orders and payments are handled securely using the available otions!

Expect your order to be shipped with 2-3 business days, arrival may differ by location and shipping method!

That’s our hassle-free, risk-free promise!

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Features and Specs Keyboard Image

  • Built with 104 keys with multi function experience
  • Uses English language
  • Has USB type connection for easy plug and play.
  • Mechanical operation for cool gaming
  • Multiple keys for cool gaming and programming
  • Compatible for Video gaming, typing and creatives.
  • Made with aluminium alloy for durability
  • Back light to enhance gaming in the dark or low light.
  • Response time (3 milliseconds)
  • Has a lifespan of 50 million strokes
  • ** CE CERTIFIED **